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13 December 2010 @ 04:20 am
0077: Eclipse Commentary Picspam  
Commentary picspam, because it's unreal how often Roberto and I were on the same page watching this.

* Edward and Bella shippers. I'm getting myself out of this debate before it begins.

Rob: I just don't get your decision making process to leave here. I didn't even understand it at the time, I was just like "God, I'd break up with you immediately". It's like "Please, please don't leave me. Don't leave me, please." And she's like "Shut up! I'm gonna go with this guy who wants to cheat- who wants to sleep with me." I said the wrong word for kids: "He wants to hold my hand".
Kristen: Shut up. I mean, the whole thing is like...that's the whole first argument that they have in the beginning is, you know, she's allowed to have other relationships.
Rob: WHY? No she's not allowed to have other relationships. If I ever saw my girlfriend go round to this bunch of guys house with their little shirts- with their bellies out, and their fake tan, nipples, and their iron-on tattoos....
Kristen: Edward is just a little bit more mature than you.
Rob: Mature?
Kristen: Yep.
Rob: Nah.

Kristen: This is when he explains imprinting, or tries to explain imprinting.
Rob: Oh man! That's gonna be the best scene in Breaking Dawn. I cannot wait. Oh my God.

Rob: Edward's in a lose/lose situation in this movie. Kind of.
Kristen: How is he in a lose/lose situation?
Rob: 'Cause like, you know, you pushed him around.
Kristen: What? You are such- you always wanna play the victim.
Rob: I was working til 5:30 in the morning, I can't think what I'm talking about.
Rob: He is a victim. He's really, really victimized.

Rob: Again, Taylor did wanna be here but he has better stuff to do. He's working out right now.

Kristen: Everyone's always questioning her, you know?
Rob: Yeah, but Jesus, so would I. Apart from Edward. Edward's not, he's just like "listen, this is how it is".
Kristen: He's not? Edward's not questioning? Are you kidding me?
Rob: He doesn't question her. He just tells her how it is.
Kristen: Exactly, which is basically always the opposite. He completely disregards any of her feelings.
Rob: Yeah, but obviously you would. Why should he listen to some girl say she likes some other guy?

[Jacob: she's not sure what she wants] Rob: Yes she is!

Rob: He gives you all these presents...this guy would be going down.
Kristen: He carved this little thing and all Edward could do was buy a little trinket.
Rob: He's such a....little cheeky...

Rob: In reality, you'd know exactly by looking at Alice's expression there that she'd immediately be running off to Edward going like "Edward, I just saw Bella talking to Jacob."

Kristen: This part was fun. His little suit...

Rob: Yeah, walk away. Keep walking, you woof.

Rob: You start being nice to me in this one.
Kristen: She's always, dude, she's always so... you're just very sensitive and you say that you wanna be understanding of like, all of her human emotions and all that, and like her human relationships, but then you're not. You're completely insensitive to them.
Rob: He's not insensitive at all. He's too sensitive.
Kristen: Yeah, no exactly, actually. No. Totally, then it's like you push- then all of the worry is- now she has to worry about it all instead.
Rob: You should be worried, but you never do worry.
Kristen: You should just deal with it.
Rob: I tell you what I'm worried about and you just do all the stuff like, you know, you just make me more worried.

Kristen: Here, it's just like, can't we walk by each other?
Rob: It's funny as well because in the books it's kind of, well it's not really just implied, it is directly referred to in a kind of sexual nature,all these little happenings. But like it's kind of in her head so it doesn't seem as blatantly obvious as just her intepretation. But then you try make a movie about it and it's like "This is sexual, oooh. He's got his shirt off, oooh. She's holding in his eyes- in her arms. Oooh, nudity."
Kristen: It's not good when it becomes like an outside- like you put it, it's just hard to put it in her head because suddenly it becomes all very objective. Now it actually is a sexual situation, whereas before it was just the way she was perceiving.
Rob: Every single situation with Edward, I just can't imagine him being able to...I don't think in the book he'd accept as much as you see in the film.

Kristen: That didn't work. I wanted to stay out there longer, and they were like...
Rob: Let's just run up...
Kristen: I know, I know, it was weird. The whole point was that she was not going in and sort of standing out there for a second and he sees that and she's unaware of the fact that he sees. And then he opens the door and says "Hey!" and then you go "Oh, haha" and then you walk up. But for some reason we couldn't do that.
Rob: And the whole house is made out of glass as well.

Kristen: She's just looking at his bedroom, she's looking at the big bed. She's like "Oh my God, that's for me!"
Rob: This is a bad move. It's like "Oh, Jacob got you a little dog thing, I got you a 3 million dollar diamond. I'm your boyfriend."

Kristen: This part almost kind of offended me when you suddenly became ok with the blood, and you were just like really calm around it now. I was like "Oh, it's not special anymore?".
Rob: You just can't get it right, it's so annoying. I was reading Breaking Dawn and you just give him so much hassle, all the time.
Kristen: Yeah, we can't do this again. Seriously.
Rob: I feel really sorry for him. I remember seeing this at the premiere and just like talking to people afterwards, and like...it's the most depressing story in the world. You've got this little guy coming around with his shirt off all the time. It's like so close to reality, there's always some punk who wants to get up in your business all the time. You can literally only talk to guys about it because girls are like "I should be able to do whatever I want". And the guys like "But I'm in love with you, you're supposed to respect that. You can't just keep going off with the naked guy all the time. If I started hanging out with girls with their boobs out all the time you just would not like it."

[Jacob: No, I'm staying. You'll need my connection to the pack] Rob: Damn it!

Kristen: "There's nothing you can do"
Rob: "You're too cold".
Kristen: That's so awful, too. To know, like...
Rob: He has the worst life ever. She's really nice, she's kind of giving him a chance.
Kristen: Wow, Bella's nice? Bella's being nice?
Rob: Yeah, in a way.
Kristen: That's a breakthrough, for you to say.
Rob: Then he comes around and just messes everything up. Blah Blah Blah...

Rob: God he's so gross. So brazen. I really don't like Jacob. Look at him with his tattoo....ughhh.
Kristen: He's just young and over zealous.
Rob: He's not, he does it on purpose. He's completely like...he's looking at me when he's saying this stuff.
Kristen: Yeah, that is weird.
Rob: What is wrong with him?
Rob: He's like "I don't even care about her, I just want..."

Kristen: She doesn't know that they've leveled with each other.
Rob: They haven't leveled. Jacob hasn't learnt anything.

See, ok, you wanna criticize. It's ridiculous that you let him hear this, that you knew...
Rob: Yeah, 'cause I get him back! It's like "Listen, this is how..." and it's getting you back as well. "Yeah, you can do what you want but I can do what I want, too. And you have to deal with the consequences."

[Jacob: You're marrying him?] Rob: Yeahhhh.
Kristen: You knew what that would do. Potentially very dangerous by the way.
Rob: No it's not. I could kick his arse in two seconds.

[Bella: Jake, stay!] Rob: No. Don't stay.
[Jacob: Why?] Rob: Yeah, why?
[Jacob: Give me one good reason.] Rob: There isn't one.
[Bella: Because I don't wanna lose you] Rob: "Because I'm a young, naïve girl. I wanna have it all."

Rob: Him kissing her right now, God, it makes me...it proves how much of a....eurgh! He's like the worst guy in the world.
Kristen: She doesn't want to do it, she's just doing it to keep him there...
Rob: No, he's even worse than you in this scene.

Rob: What does he say, right at the end?
Kristen: I think he says "I'll be right back".
Rob: And what does he expect is gonna happen?

Kristen: It's too bad he can't hear what's going on in her head because then it'd all be ok.
Rob: No, it would not! That's how girls always think. You're judged on your actions.

Kristen: This whole thing about saying "it's not just because I love you, I also want to live in this world because it suits me too" or whatever, I mean, that's nice and that's maybe a reassuring thought for Edward but at the same time she's not doing it for any reason besides the fact that she wants to be with him, you know? It just sorts of takes away from...it's like what are you talking about? I mean all of this is true, there's truth to absolutely all of this, it's just that it's not like the root of why she's...it's like she's, I don't know, compensating.
I think it's more like "Look, I can handle this and I know." It's less like "I wouldn't wanna be here even without you". It's like "Look, it's gonna be good for me, dude. Trust me. I'm gonna really like it."

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Thanks for viewing.

Screencaps thanks to homeofthenutty

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✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrine: new moon|i used to be enough for her.elliania on December 13th, 2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
[Bella: Jake, stay!] Rob: No. Don't stay.
[Jacob: Why?] Rob: Yeah, why?
[Jacob: Give me one good reason.] Rob: There isn't one.
[Bella: Because I don't wanna lose you] Rob: "Because I'm a young, naïve girl. I wanna have it all."

Best part! Rob's brillant!
Thanks for doing this!!! I'm not a native english speaker and through the giggles, I had a hard time trying to understand it all, specially Rob with his accent!!

I would also really like to add your tumblr, may I?
peggababy: LOVE.peggababy on December 13th, 2010 08:57 pm (UTC)
LOL. I'm sorry. I forgot to say that I loved this picspam. Your coloring is very beautiful.
vaneguerravaneguerra on December 13th, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
Rob is so funny...

thanks for the picspam
wilay_niamwilay_niam on December 13th, 2010 10:30 pm (UTC)
LMAO at Rob, he's absolutely right with everything he said.
asian_soulasian_soul on December 14th, 2010 01:37 am (UTC)
this is amazing. great coloring. the commentary was so cute and funny!
a funny thing happened on a way to a better bananalimendacoconut on December 14th, 2010 12:46 pm (UTC)
Great job!

Anyway the commentary had me laughing so hard, some of the stuff are just brilliant.

This was my favorite part:

[Bella: Jake, stay!] Rob: No. Don't stay.
[Jacob: Why?] Rob: Yeah, why?
[Jacob: Give me one good reason.] Rob: There isn't one.
[Bella: Because I don't wanna lose you] Rob: "Because I'm a young, naïve girl. I wanna have it all."

illuminantedilluminanted on December 14th, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
Awesome picspam!!! Rob's comments are hilarious and at the some time SOOO true!
Eleonorafreezing_82 on December 15th, 2010 08:55 am (UTC)
This was pure genius!
unfortunately a lot has happened to me lately and I still have to find the time to watch the movie with the commentary but..I loved this and I'm even more Team Robward right now that I've ever been in the past.

It just..it gets to me every damn time how she could leave Edward in the parking lot like a dumbass and ride away with Jacob. It's still totally un-freaking-believable for me.

Edited at 2010-12-15 08:57 am (UTC)
brighteranyone: | {puck+quinn}brighteranyone on December 15th, 2010 03:18 pm (UTC)
lol rob you are amazing
great job, the caps are lovely :)
Ali: eclipse ll meadow kissobsessivexlove on December 16th, 2010 12:31 am (UTC)
I love this. And I love that Rob totally hates Jacob. lol.
Some people, they roam this world...Alonepropreamour on December 16th, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
God Robert! If only every other human being thought like you! Your in my head dude!
twifansalisontwifansalison on December 16th, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
would love to post on twifans.com
Many users don't have Live Journal accounts to see this...let me know if I can post it there and link to you. xoxo
Stephmake_me_irish on December 16th, 2010 12:56 am (UTC)
Re: would love to post on twifans.com
The post is unlocked so no account would be needed anyway :) but as long as you link back and don't hotlink my images I guess it's fine to repost there :)
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